July 12 – 31

La Sierra University  

Applications open November 21st  

Applications due April 31st  

Notification by May 31st

The Montecito International Music Festival is a three week long music festival intended for highly gifted string, piano, wind, and voice students ages 13 and up. Our mission is to instruct, mentor and inspire the next generation of great musicians to improve their technical abilities and hone their craft and musicianship skills as well as pay homage to today’s prominent masters who have brought immense joy to our lives through their artistry and music. 

Our program’s philosophy is a holistic one; combining musical instruction with an emphasis on healthy living and intellectual stimulation. Students will not only have access to campus practice studios 24 hours a day, but they will also have access to all faculty members for private lessons and mentoring. We encourage students and faculty to exchange ideas and advice with each other in a tight-knit and supportive community that fosters everyone’s musical and artistic growth and development. 

Throughout the course of the festival, each student receives two private lessons and two chamber music coachings per week. Selected students will also play in master classes and in chamber ensembles with our esteemed faculty. Additionally, frequent recitals and concerts give our students the opportunity to present to their peers and family the music they have been working on.