Applications FAQ

What is Montecito International Music Festival?

Montecito International Music Festival (MIMF) is a summer festival which brings together faculty from 30+ colleges, conservatories, and professional orchestras (such as the LA Philharmonic) to inspire and mentor young artists. Participants from different countries who wouldn’t meet otherwise are connected together in the process of creating beautiful music together.


What are the dates for Montecito 2024?

In 2024, there will be 4 sessions: 

Session 1, June 17 to June 26
Session 2, June 27 to July 6
Session 3, July 7 to July 16
Session 4, July 17 to July 26

 Junior festival session, 1,2 and 3


Where is the festival located?

The festival is located on the Cal Lutheran baptist campus in Thousand Oaks. Concerts are held on the campus’ beautiful music halls or performance rooms, and are all within 2-5 minutes walking distance from the main gathering area.  The cafeteria, performance venues, and lecture halls are on campus. Students wishing to participate in off-campus activities or events must have written consent of their guardians.


What does a typical day look like?

Detailed sample college and precollege schedules can be found here*:


*Due to Covid and campus protocols, some events may not be available.


A general flow of the day tends to be:

8AM–Breakfast, get ready
9AM-11:30–Large Ensemble/Masterclass.
Noon–Lunch, Rest, Practice**
2:30-4:30–Afternoon lectures or Masterclasses.
4:30-6:00PM–Practice, Social, Rest**
7:30–(Some days) Concerts

**The two private lessons and two chamber coachings per session with a teacher may be scheduled during any of these times.


Junior Festival and commuting participants schedule:

9AM Check-in
9:00-10AM: Supervised Ensemble practice (piano), Large Ensemble (strings)
10AM: Junior Masterclass
1:00–Afternoon lecture or join Masterclass with the regular festival participants
4:30-Dismissal and Pick-up


What is a masterclass?

A masterclass is a lesson in a public setting, so that many students can listen and learn from the lesson.
This allows master teachers to teach many students at once, giving more of their knowledge in a limited time.


What is the difference in the Junior vs Regular Program

Participants ages 10-13 are allowed to participate in a limited amount of classes with the precollege students. In addition, 2 private lessons and a chance to play in a masterclass.
However, they are more closely supervised both in practicing and attendance of classes, ensuring that they are able to be successful at the festival.
Daily coachings in addition to the 2 lessons will be provided.
Students under 10 may request admission if a teacher at the festival can vouch for them. Mature, high-level students at the 13-14 year age may request to be put in the regular program, provided they can follow the requirements.
If they are unsuccessful, they may be placed back into the junior program.


What is a commuting participant?

Montecito offers local participants (both young artists and juniors) a day-commuting option with a reduced tuition fee.
Participants are provided with lunch and can participate in all the day time activities and some evening concerts.
Breakfast and dinner are not provided.


What types of recreational activities are provided?

While practicing with their ensemble group or for their own pieces is of utmost importance, recreational activities such as table tennis (ping pong) and board games are provided in the common areas.
These allow participants to bond and form friendships.


What are the dining options available?

Ullman Dining offers all you can eat, rotating hot meals, salad and fruit bar, deli counter, and a fresh bakery.
Those with food allergies or dietary restrictions may bring their lunches (commuters) or order food from the local restaurants (through Ubereats or other apps).
If a parent or guardian wishes to eat with the child and does not already have a meal plan, he may pay for individual meals at the front entrance.


What are the application dates?

Early Application: November 12-Dec 15 2023
-Application Fee 50% discount until 11:59 PM Dec 15, 2023
-Financial assistance is available, but is on a rolling basis, so apply early as funds run out quickly

Enrollment Deadline, Invoice: March 15, 2024
Last day to withdraw without a penalty: May 15, 2024


Once accepted and confirmed:

Arrival/Departure details, Packing checklist: May 30, 2024
Student Handbooks/Pertinent Forms: June 3, 2024


Does everyone have to audition for a masterclass?

No, auditioning for a masterclass is optional, but highly encouraged.
Juniors will have a separate audition for their own masterclass series.


Will there be any competitions?

Montecito is a welcoming, inclusive festival, but we understand that sometimes competition will allow students to reach a level they would not otherwise.
Sessions 1, 2 and 4 will not have any competitions, only mandatory performances at the end of the festival.
For Session 3, we will have a Concerto Competition, with some set pieces, which will be announced shortly before the festival.
Winners will perform at the end of the festival with Montecito virtuosi orchestra under the direction of Alexander Tseitlin.