Genii Ahn – International Admission Director


Genii Ahn

Recently appointed as an International Admission Director at Montecito International Music Festival, Mrs. Genii Ahn, making a name for herself as an independent college counselor, has successfully helped educate hundreds of students where they now attend notable schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Pomona, U Penn, Williams, Cornell, Haverford, USC, Swarthmore, Boston College, West Point, etc.  She has not only helped individual students, but also has reached out to others by giving lectures at numerous areas: high schools, universities, and graduate admission college process outlets, including Radio Korea 1540AM, the Korea Herald Newspaper, and LA Times.

Genii founded IEDU College Counseling in 2011, an educational counseling company to help students and parents navigate through today’s most competitive college admissions with the utmost operational consulting and dynamic approach. As a College Counselor at IEDU, she advises students on academic and extracurricular achievements in order to further their capabilities not only as scholars, but also as human beings. She also provides official school recommendations and college evaluations for each student. With her experiences in international admissions policies and her familiarity with SEVIS processes, she introduces personalized resources local pre-college students as well as international students.

Genii has developed an expertise in educational counseling and holds leadership positions at the North Star US Foundation, Mentor 23, with the addition of running as a candidate for the campaign of Irvine City Council in 2016. Genii received a BA in Communications and an MBA with an emphasis in Accounting and Tax from Chapman University. She then went on to study for another degree in College Counseling Program at UCLA. Mrs. Ahn is a highly distinguished and valuable member of the California Association of School Counselors (CASC), the Higher Education Consulting Association (HECA), Western Association for College Admission Counseling (WACAC), and the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC).